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Sugar Balance Formula

Promoting blood sugar and blood cholesterol balance

Fatigue, irritability, weight gain, craving for refined carbohydrates and light-headedness are all symptoms of blood sugar imbalance. With FoodState’s unique delivery of nutrients at a cellular level, the Sugar Balance Formula has a role to play in addressing these common problems. Chromium is a vital part of glucose tolerance factor (GTF) and is needed for energy production. It is essential in maintaining stable blood sugar levels through proper insulin utilisation.  Magnesium is vital in the activity of enzymes, especially those involved in the production of energy. Vanadium inhibits cholesterol synthesis and aids in glucose tolerance. Omega 3 fatty acids help control blood cholesterol and maintain water balance.

Ingredients: FoodState Blend

Magnesium 7.5mg, Chromium GTF 50μg, Vanadium 25μg, Omega 3 fatty acids 100mg