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Multivitamin + Mineral for Men

Maintaining a man’s health and vitality

This formula contains the essential vitamins and minerals needed to help maintain health and vitality in men. Some nutrients are needed in slightly higher quantities to keep the male system functioning optimally. Ginseng has been included with the other nutrients as it helps to increase energy levels and prevent the fatigue we experience in today’s fast paced world. Zinc plays a role in reproduction, growth and development, immune function, wound healing, reproduction, taste and smell, blood clotting, thyroid hormone function, and insulin action. Zinc deficiency can cause a low sperm count and generalized hair loss. Magnesium has its main role in muscle function, in the production and transfer of energy and to maintain nervous system function. Chromium is involved in the metabolism of glucose for energy as well as helping maintain blood glucose levels.

Ingredients per two tablets

Betacarotene 4000iu, Vitamin D3 200iu, Vitamin E 5iu, Vitamin C 30mg, Vitamin B1 0.7mg, Vitamin B2 0.8mg, Niacinamide 9mg, Vitamin B6 1mg, Folic acid 100µg, Vitamin B12 0.3µg, Biotin 75µg, Pantothenic acid 3mg, Calcium 9mg, Phosphorous 6mg, Iron 3mg, Magnesium 5mg, Zinc 12.5mg, Iodine 75µg, Potassium 3mg, Choline 2.5mg, Inositol 2.5mg, PABA 2.5mg, Boron 0.5mg, Copper 0.4mg, Manganese 0.5mg, Selenium 55µg, Chromium 80µg, Molybdenum 5µg, Siberian Ginseng 100mg.