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Multivitamin + Mineral for Children

Supporting and building healthy, young bodies

The period of life from birth to maturity is one of intense growth and development and children need extra calories, to provide energy for the growth and for the increased activity and metabolic rate in youth. Unfortunately, as most of the food people consume today, have been processed, exposed to chemicals or been stored for extended periods, the nutrient content of the food is depleted. Supplementation is therefore, beneficial to help ensure that growing children are obtaining most of the necessary vitamins and minerals. FoodState’s Multivitamin + Mineral for Children formula supplies the nutrients in a food form which the body recognises and absorbs. Available in a chewable formulation and as a small swallow tablet.

Ingredients per two tablets

Betacarotene 0.15mg, Vitamin D3 3μg, Vitamin E 2iu, Vitamin C 10mg, Vitamin B1 0.2mg, Vitamin B2 0.2mg, Niacinamide 2.4mg, Vitamin B6 0.2mg, Vitamin B12 0.3μg, Folic Acid 15μg, Pantothenic acid 1.5mg, Iron 1.5mg, Zinc 1.3mg, Manganese 0.3mg,  Copper 80μg, Selenium 15μg. Iodine 12μg,