Digestive Enzyme Formula

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Digestive Enzyme Formula

Soothing and optimising the digestive system

A shortage of digestive enzymes can result in symptoms such as indigestion, gas, food intolerances and spastic colon. FoodState® Digestive Enzyme Formula contains a combination of enzymes and vitamins that help in the proper digestion and better absorption of the food we eat.

Amylase – Breaks down carbohydrates such as starch and glycogen, and polysaccharides into smaller units.

Cellulase – Breaks down cellulose and chitin. It helps free nutrients in both fruits and vegetables.

Lipase – Breaks down lipids and improves fat utilization and also supports healthy gallbladder function.

Protease – Breaks down protein and supports immune function.

Lactase – Breaks down lactose (milk sugar) and useful for lactose intolerance


FoodState® blend: Vitamin B1 1mg, Vitamin B2 1.2mg, Vitamin B6 1.2mg, Vitamin B12 0.06mg, Folic acid 0.04mg, Niacinamide 4mg, Pantothenic acid 4mg, Vitamin C 10mg, Digezyme blend: 75mg providing:  Amylase 1800U; Protease 450U; Lipase 75U; Lactase 300U; Cellulase 15U