Fat Burn Formula

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Fat Burn Formula

Boosting your body’s metabolism naturally

The key to fat loss or maintaining an ideal fat percentage, is lowering energy intake and/or increasing energy expenditure through exercise and thermogenesis. The FoodState Fat Burn Formula contains thermogenic nutrients which help boost body metabolism so that you can naturally burn more calories. Fat Burn Formula also helps burn fat, block fat storage, control caloric intake and suppress hunger, thereby assisting you in attaining and maintaining the body fat percentage you desire. Remember that you can’t transform your body from fat to fit with a supplement alone it must be combined with an effective fat-loss nutrition plan and consistent exercise.

Ingredients: Each two tablets contain: FoodState blend:

Vitamin C 37mg, Vitamin B5 22mg, Chromium GTF 112g, Selenium 112g; L-Tyrosine 350mg; Green Tea extract 350mg; Garcinia cambogia (Hydroxycitric acid) 350mg; Fucus vesiculosus 60mg; Passiflora 50mg; L-Carnitine 60mg; Forskolin 30mg; Gymnema sylvestre 15mg; Azadirachta indica 15mg; Taraxacum officinale 10mg.