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Here are some tips to improve your health without making major lifestyle changes.

Tip #1: Shorter workouts 

Thirty minutes of exercise a day at least three times a week, is the gold standard for improving health, managing weight and reducing the risk of heart disease. (1)  If you are struggling to block out half an hour, try breaking this up into three shorter workouts per day of ten minutes each – so much more manageable and sustainable!

Tip #2: Smart nutrition

With poor soil quality and modern food processing methods, can you trust the nutritional content of your food? A multivitamin and mineral supplement is the smart way to ensure you are getting all the micronutrients you need for optimal health. foodstate offers a great range of products, [LINK TO PRODUCTS TAB] all in a natural food form for optimum absorption and utilisation.

Tip #3: Home stretch

If you don’t have time to go for a run or hit the gym before work, try a few simple stretching exercises when you wake up. This will boost circulation and aid digestion – the perfect way to start your day.

Tip #4: Don’t skip brekkie

Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast can reduce hunger throughout the rest of the day, help you make better food choices at other meals and give you more energy for exercise. A balanced breakfast includes fresh fruit, whole grains and/or protein.

Tip #5: Find a workout buddy

Stay motivated about your workout regime by finding a friend who will exercise regularly with you. The trick is to choose someone shares your fitness goals and will get you out of bed and into your training shoes rather than discourage you!

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