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FoodState is intelligent supplements the body recognises as food.

FoodState is a scientifically formulated range of supplements derived from the building blocks that make up food.
The human body is designed to obtain its nutrients from food, and food is already in the best form to be absorbed by the body and delivered to all the body’s cells. FoodState is designed to resemble the complex structure of food and its nutrients are delivered with a complex of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, dietary fibre, enzymes, active bioflavonoids and thousands of food compounds.

Studies comparing FoodState to regular vitamins and minerals have shown that FoodState nutrients: (1)

  • are better absorbed by the body
  • are retained longer in the blood
  • are optimally utilised by the body

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  • The Technology Behind FoodState
  • The Need for Supplementation
  • FoodState’s Real Results
  • FoodState Quality Standards

Reference: 1. A Journal of Whole Food Supplements. Studies and discussion papers supporting clinical use of FoodState® nutrients. BioSan Labs Inc 2004;1(1):1-102.


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The foodstate difference

Our bodies instinctively recognise and absorb the beneficial vitamins and minerals present in the food we eat. Modern food and diets are all too often deficient in both quantity and quality of essential health-promoting micro-nutrients. That is why our bodies react exactly the same way to FoodState supplements. The vitamins and minerals in FoodState supplements are seen as a genuine food source by the body and this mechanism ensures that FoodState nutritional supplementation achieves the aim of enhancing our modern food and diets.

FoodState supplementation is seen as real food by the body and this offers several advantages


Is our food as nutritious as it used to be?

The science behind FoodState

FoodState produces vitamins and minerals in a food form using a range of exclusive, patented processes.

Different processes and different substrates, such as citrus, carrot, alfalfa and soya concentrates are used for different kinds of nutrients, for example:

  • Deriving to a food form of Vitamin C:
    • Ascorbic acid is biochemically incorporated and concentrated into a citrus pulp through an elaborate process
  • Producing food form of Calcium:
    • Calcium carbonate is introduced under very specific conditions to a reactor containing live yeast
    • The calcium carbonate is ingested and integrated into the yeast plant to become part of a whole-food matrix
    • Then, the outer membrane of the yeast cells is removed by enzymatic action, with no live yeast remaining – ensuring that these supplements are suitable for everyone, including yeast-sensitive people

Through these breakthrough technologies, FoodState is able to embed vital nutrients in a complete food matrix that our bodies naturally recognise as food that can be more effectively absorbed and utilised.


The need for supplementation

There are several factors that indicate the importance of taking vitamins and minerals that are in a food state:

  • In spite of an abundant food supply in developed countries, we often do not obtain sufficient quantities of essential nutrients from our food
  • It is well understood that our agricultural soils have become depleted of essential minerals, which comprises the nutritional quality of conventionally-produced food
  • The nutrient integrity of food has also been eroded through modern processing, transportation and the preoccupation of food producers with appearance and shelf life at the expense of nutritional quality


These factors, combined with poor food choices and imbalanced diets contribute to an inadequate intake of vital nutrients. This makes nutritional supplementation of a wide range of micro-nutrients in a food state essential in our modern world.

foodstate quality standards

We ensure product integrity, to make sure that you – our valued consumer – achieve real results in restoring and maintaining your health and vitality. From raw materials through to the finished product, we take quality very seriously:

  • foodstate nutrients are produced in a state-of-art facility that has cGMP and GLP protocols in place

We believe that by maintaining these highest standards, our finished products are of superior quality.

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