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Welcome to our new FoodState website

Here you will find informative content on supplement intake and how it can help no matter what type of lifestyle you are leading.

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We know that your health is your true wealth…

That is why the foodstate range of vitamins and minerals is unlike any other.

We use the best modern science to concentrate the vitamins and minerals in our supplements into food complexes so that our bodies can easily absorb and make good use of them.
• The vitamins and minerals are molecularly bounded to food elements, so that our bodies can innately recognise and use them appropriately
• The nutrients are attached to specific protein carriers for effective delivery to the site of action


The foodstate difference

With innate intelligence, our bodies recognise, deliver and absorb the beneficial vitamins and minerals present in the food we eat and reacts exactly the same way to foodstate nutritional supplements. The vitamins and minerals in foodstate supplements are an intrinsic part of a genuine food source, ensuring that they achieve their goal of enhancing the food we eat and the diets we follow, which are, all too often, deficient in variety, quantity and quality of essential health-promoting micro-nutrients.

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    Improved Absorption

    unlike synthetically isolated vitamins and minerals that are often poorly absorbed, foodstate supplements are easily taken in by the body, all the way through the digestive system and the bloodstream all the way through to the cellular level.

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    Longer Retention

    because our bodies recognise foodstate vitamins and minerals as food, they are retained in the body much longer than their isolated counterparts, enabling better utilisation of micro-nutrients

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    Real Results

    The vitamins and minerals are bonded in a genuine food complex that our bodies easily recognise, absorb and use

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    Right Quantity

    the seemingly conservative amounts of foodstate vitamins and minerals, reach the cellular level because they are recognised by the body as food and you avoid mega-dosing on your supplements

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    Targeted Delivery

    foodstate vitamins and minerals work with the natural intelligence of our bodies by using protein ‘chaperones’ to ensure that the micro-nutrients get to where they are needed in the body

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